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Thursday: April 15, 2010

Daily Grind: Caffeinated

Name: Vin (aka hyper-hypo)
How Vin feels today: Caffeinated @ 12:51:25 PM
What Vin really wants today: To remind self the next time I order a medium coffee at the local coffee shop that its quite large rather than medium. Enjoy unnecessary caffeine boost, attempt to post additional links to make up for yesterday.

Music Stuck in Head: Big Bang Baby / Stone Temple Pilots
Any song that mentions Orange Crush in the lyrics is OK in my book. And by book I really mean magazine. And by magazine I really mean pamphlet. And by pamphlet I mean - whatever, the list is short.

Stuff to do today:

  • Go to Apple Cube over on Fifth Ave
  • Remark that overall feeling and general consensus of the iPad was... underwhelming
  • ...its kinda heavy for everyday use - especially as an e-reader
  • ...typing on the device is not exactly a joy either
  • Interface was pretty neat but if you have an iPhone you've been there
  • On the other hand, that newly updated MacBook Pro is quite awesome
  • ...and freakin' fast (even the base Intel i5 model screams)
  • Save money for next major purchase

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