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Monday: April 21, 2008

GeekLikeMe on your iPhone.

I've updated GeekLikeMe to display better on an iPhone for my fellow Mac nerdites out there. This version removes all content of the normal site and just shows the weekdaily links (this seems to be what everybody wants these days anyways).

Want to make an iPhone version of your own website? Here are some quick tips. First and most importantly, you need to check if your visitor/user happens to be on an iPhone to begin with. This requires that you check the user agent string accordingly. Being that I code in a Windows world I am going to show how to do this check in two lines of code via ASP:

httpagent = request.servervariables
if instr(httpagent,'iPhone') > 0 then iPhone= 'Yes'

See? Not hard at all. Then just modify your code accordingly to fit that condition. Yes, I'm sure there are much more efficient ways of checking the http user agent string but for a quick five minute update / verbose post - who really cares.

Special thanks to Tom of Optical Poptitude (which is an awesome blog that everyone should read daily) for giving me a heads up that this site was displaying not all that well on an iPhone.

Update: latest version of GLM breaks this post every way from Sunday. Will fix some point down the road.

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