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Monday: March 2, 2009

Daily Grind: Energized

Name: Vin (aka shoveler)
How Vin feels today: Energized @ 12:21:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To enjoy a quiet day at work since most people didn't show up due to the inclement weather. But not me! MWA HA HA HA HA!

Music Stuck in Head: Sloshing Sounds
Guess why.

Stuff to do today:

  • Note that shoveling piles of snow at 7 this morning was a fun workout
  • Also note that making the commute in, while long and annoying, was worth it to enjoy an extremely quiet day at the office
  • Launch new initiatives for work
  • Test out all of the new code that posted to servers thoroughly
  • Test again
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...and again
  • Relax now that major task for this week has officially been completed
  • ...and with way less headaches and overall pain than originally thought
  • Knock on wood that previous item does not come back to bite me in the ass
  • Rejoice that the office coffee maker has been fixed
  • Also rejoice in fact that conspiracy theory that the coffee maker wasn't really broken and that it was offline due to cost saving measures was debunked
  • ...
  • ...or was it?
  • ...
  • Find something useful to do

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Thursday: February 26, 2009

Daily Grind: Inflamed

Name: Vin (aka red eye)
How Vin feels today: Inflamed @ 12:59:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: For my right eye to stop tweaking irrationally whilst programming. Perhaps it's time to take a break from computing.

Music Stuck in Head: Runaway Jim / Phish
Oh, by the way Hampton is cancelled: link

Stuff to do today:

  • Take a break from programming so right eye can regroup and stop annoying twitch
  • Show off the many fun and useless applications for Sharon's newly purchased iPod
  • Bring Greg in on the fun to show him how much the BlackBerry Storm's app offerings suck in comparison
  • Download the 'Thats what She Said' app to iPhone
  • Stop pressing the button
  • Get back to coding
  • Continue prepping code for Monday's next service pack style update for job
  • Make a checklist of all items that are still pending
  • Fix bugs
  • Fix more bugs
  • Take a break due to right eye wigging out again
  • Put glasses on, make appointment with optometrist
  • Take another break from coding
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Get back to coding

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Wednesday: February 25, 2009

Daily Grind: Productive

Name: Vin (aka button pusher)
How Vin feels today: Productive @ 1:13:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Continue prepping and testing code for tomorrow's internal rollout for work and then next week's public rollout... for the public.

Music Stuck in Head: Lie in our Graves / Dave Matthews Band
Say what you want DMB-haters - the middle part of this song is fun to jam along to.

Stuff to do today:

  • Wish a happy birthday to fellow geek blogger, Mad Admin
  • Come up with running punchlist for definitive redesign of this site and figure out why I am hesitant to just launch said new redesign that was about 90% complete anyway
  • Figure out issues with image uploading on weekdaily links, desktops, and photos
  • Decide whether or not to use annoying photo resizing scripts that take up server space and can get really annoying if resizing goes awry
  • Throw out resizing scripts and just make Photoshop actions instead
  • Above item might include more actual work than necessary when trying to post a photo
  • Research the uber-cool method that Facebook uses for choosing pictures while writing an email (with the picker thingamajig)
  • Above item still doesn't solve issue of cropping though
  • Figure out if there is an easier way to crop images with my handy ASP scripts
  • Probably should give those a scripts a much-needed tune-up anyway
  • Hey, this implementation is kinda pretty: link
  • Get back to work
  • Play more Burnout Paradise later tonight, crash cars in exotic ways for no apparent reason
  • Well, it's also kind of fun

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Monday: February 23, 2009

Daily Grind: Dizzy

Name: Vin (aka crash)
How Vin feels today: Dizzy @ 3:54:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Lessen time playing Burnout Paradise, this game will give you vertigo.

Music Stuck in Head: Paradise City / Guns n' Roses
It's on the game's soundtrack - and for some god-awful reason, stuck on repeat.

Stuff to do today:

  • Overcome vertigo and nausea then dive into mountains of work with looming due dates
  • Note that while the game does induce dizziness Burnout Paradise is a pleasurable experience
  • ...especially the level of detail that went into crashing your car in every obscene way possible
  • Yahtzee's review of Burnout Paradise: link (slightly more negative than mine)
  • Note that Quake Live is actually a lot of fun: link
  • The fact that it's free is nice as well
  • The fact that the Internet mops the floor with me upon entering any level isn't so nice but what can you do
  • Continue loading up on cold medicine to finally shake this dreaded cough and sniffle
  • Dust off old calendar app for new work project being launched next week
  • Wow, people actually charge for this kind of thing all over the Interwebs: link
  • Consider foray into silly calendar-type, useless script business
  • Stop daydreaming
  • Get back to work

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Friday: February 20, 2009

Daily Grind: Full

Name: Vin (aka amnesiac)
How Vin feels today: Full @ 3:28:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To recover from the highly enjoyable business lunch that I shared with Greg and Sharon.

Music Stuck in Head: Burnout / Green Day
Quite fitting in that non-stoner burned out kind of way of course.

Stuff to do today:

  • Continue to put out work fires that always seem to appear without fail on Friday afternoons - just when things seem really quiet
  • Fix faulty query that one person stumbled on
  • Fix null value that could crash a particular set of web pages
  • On to more positive things...
  • Apologize for technical glitch that put sub-sections of GLM out of business up until 15 minutes ago
  • Be more careful about pushing things to my personal server that happen to have a common name that I use in all my projects
  • Previous item should probably be written down somewhere
  • Find paper, mission accomplished
  • Note new found happiness in getting a pesky jQuery function correctly and do what I had originally intended it to
  • ...and there was much rejoicing
  • Continue messing around with XNA framework over the weekend, find time to do more of those delightful video tutorials
  • Speaking of videos, take some time out and enjoy these awesome video game reviews: link
  • My favorite thus far: link
  • Finish up work, run home

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Wednesday: February 18, 2009

Daily Grind: Foggy

Name: Vin (aka dayquil tripper)
How Vin feels today: Foggy @ 3:19:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To shake off whatever cold/flu that is trying to overtake my immune system.

Music Stuck in Head: Cantina Theme / Star Wars
I've been watching the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes one too many times. Have a gander: link

Stuff to do today:

  • Stock up on more cold medicine so that I am wide awake for band rehearsal this evening
  • Read up on this article regarding better CSS organization: link
  • Hmmm, alphabetizing properties - never thought about that one; seems logical
  • Make sure that Mad is going to record Lost on the DVR so I can catch up on my complaints about how the show still has too many loose ends to tie up before the end of it's run
  • Stop complaining about Lost
  • Prep for very early meeting tomorrow
  • Make sure digital projector is available... and working
  • Make sure conference room actually has Internet access this time
  • Check demos and changes, make sure everything is running smoothly prior to meeting
  • ...
  • ...
  • Check again
  • Come up with decent video game concept to take advantage of knowledge learned by diving into XNA framework
  • Sidescroller clone? Puzzle clone? Racing clone? Pong clone? Arkanoid clone?
  • Attempt original idea devoid of the term 'clone'
  • ...
  • ...
  • Everything's been done already
  • Find better outlook on life

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Tuesday: February 17, 2009

Daily Grind: Groggy

Name: Vin (aka sith nerd)
How Vin feels today: Groggy @ 10:35:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: Continue learning all about XNA frameworks and C# and come up with a decent concept for a home-brew video game.

Music Stuck in Head: Trouble No More / Allman Brothers
Mostly because the news of their Beacon run with some very special guests intrigues me.

Stuff to do today:

  • Complete Force Unleashed on Sith Lord mode / Dark Side Ending
  • Above item was worth the hassle
  • Continue playing said game to award self with unnecessary Xbox 360 achievements
  • Show off gamertag stats on this section for the fun of it
  • Removed
  • Move onto experiences whilst learning a new programming language (c#)
  • Adding a particle system to 2D game is not as easy as one would think
  • Note how awesome particle systems look in said created video games
  • Add unnecessary particle systems to game elements that don't need particle systems of any kind
  • Dive into 3D tutorials on XNA website: link

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Thursday: February 12, 2009

Daily Grind: Lost

Name: Vin (aka the researcher)
How Vin feels today: Lost @ 2:28:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Read up on Lost theories to satisfy thirst for absolutely useless fictional knowledge.

Music Stuck in Head: Big Me / Foo Fighters
Makes me feel cheery.

Stuff to do today:

  • Some links for said Lost research: link
  • For those who like spoilers: link
  • Previous link may or may not contain actual spoilers
  • Move on to other topics before brain turns to mush
  • Wish sister and her family an enjoyable driving trip down to Florida for a well-deserved Disney vacation
  • Say hello to Mickey and pals
  • Look up prices for Disney in December for the hell of it
  • Keep in mind that the reality of said price lookup will be hindered due to economic conditions
  • Look anyway for the hell of it
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Find additional source of income during these trying economical times
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • And then find another one on top of that tone too

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Wednesday: February 11, 2009

Daily Grind: Just gross

Name: Vin (aka non-bargain shopper)
How Vin feels today: Just gross @ 2:51:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To avoid getting the stomach bug that has claimed ownership over my household. DAMN YOU VIRUS, DAMN YOU TO HELL.

Music Stuck in Head: Welcome Back Kotter Theme
Yes, welcome back. Now go away.

Stuff to do today:

  • Catch up on work missed now that I am actually back in the office
  • Get list of changes from higher-ups regarding demo they saw on Friday of which I wasn't actually there to explain how things were supposed to work
  • Prepare for revamp of said demo
  • Should've followed the rule that if demo needs explanation than chances are the implementation is wrong
  • Above item can usually be avoided when proper amounts of development time are applied and not thrown onto lap at hour zero
  • Stop making excuses for lame code
  • Note that I am on playthrough number two of Force Unleashed for beloved Xbox 360
  • Yes, the game is just that good
  • ...and I like ranking up achievements
  • Note overall feeling of stupidity in noticing that prices have dropped on two products I just recently purchased for said console
  • Xbox Live Membership 13 Month: paid $41 on Amazon, now $30 at Toys R' Us
  • Guitar Hero World Tour: $95 at Gamestop, now $75 at Toys R' Us
  • Make a better effort to be more of a bargain shopper in the future
  • Previous item can be corrected if PATIENCE is applied and waiting for actual price drops
  • Note that the 'I WANT IT NOW' factor must be diminished in that case
  • Stop rationalizing over the fact that I am selfish when it comes to grown-up toys
  • ...but
  • Just stop

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Tuesday: February 10, 2009

Daily Grind: Hopeful

Name: Vin (aka chummy chum bucket)
How Vin feels today: Hopeful @ 8:35:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: For my two girls to be done with the nasty stomach virus/bug thing that was making life quite unpleasant in this household.

Music Stuck in Head: Toot & Puddle Theme Song
Watch too much Noggin and this will happen to you too as well.

Stuff to do today:

  • Work from home
  • Make sure everyone is drinking lots of fluids
  • Clean up parts of house that happened to become newly labeled 'warzone' areas
  • Take suggestion from co-worker to go buy some tarps
  • Have said tarps ready next time both girls come down with a stomch virus
  • Go to CVS, stock up on the Febreeze
  • Read up on Amazon's new Kindle 2 reader thing
  • You can all about it and see even videos here: link
  • Take advantage of time that family is feeling better to catch up on work missed from yesterday
  • Like posting to this section and even neglecting to post links yesterday
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...time's up
  • Get back to caretaking responsibilites

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