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Tuesday: November 8, 2011

Daily Grind: Ebullient

Name: Anthony (aka Alpha to an Ant)
How Anthony feels today: Ebullient @ 3:31:44 PM
What Anthony really wants today: To go to sleep as its after 11pm where I am right now. Can I say what I want for tomorrow?

Music Stuck in Head: Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before
Its the lead singer of Sunny Day Real Estate doing solo work where he plays almost every instrument himself, composes everything... Its beautiful stuff. This guy is a hero of mine

Stuff to do today:

  • play around with base64 encoded images
  • prove that sprites are still more efficient than base64 from a page performnace perspective
  • avoid meetings in NY office because I am 7 hours ahead
  • Joke that i living in the future to my friends in NY
  • Learn more about Microformats and create a plan to implement some updates to current ones on our websites
  • Eat dinner with great friends in Romania
  • Help my best friend Vin test the new GLM multi user system
  • Post this as a test
  • Go to sleep

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Base64 images... An alternative to sprites?Base64 images... An alternative to sprites?

While I don't fully agree with the drawbacks that were mentioned for using sprites (most of my disagreement comes from how organized I keep my image files) I do think this article raises some very awesome points about what base64 can do.  I would like to build a test to see how a sprite would compare in the charts presented so I am going to try to take that on this week.  Either way its alwasy good to learn a new frontend approach from time to time - especially if it relates to performance

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