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Monday: September 10, 2007

Give your iPhone a touch of the new iPod Touch.

Like that slick Leopard-ish style dock found in the new iPod Touch? Want to add it to your beloved iPhone? Well, now you can.

First things first, you need to grab and get it running on your iPhone. A lot of people consider this a 'hack', but in all honesty hacking should not be this easy. This app is an absolute must if you are an iPhone owner. Installing it is an absolute breeze and it will give your iPhone many, many additional options to add more fun and productivity to your mobile life. To get started, just install the disk image and plug in your iPhone to get going. The application takes care of the rest. Install the Community Sources plugin and then make sure your list of applications is up to date (hit the refresh button on the bottom right hand corner).

Once you have that up and running install DockSwap from the list of applications. DockSwap enables you to change the image thats resting behind the bottom dock of your iPhone - it's just a PNG file. While there are already a handful of background images to use (that is of course if you install the DockSwap extra images app), there's nothing that really takes a crack at emulating the iPod Touch dock. To accomplish this, I decided to make my own background in Photoshop. It's not a true representation of the iPod Touch, this is what I could come up with just by eyeballing and testing out the image multiple times. If you have a better PNG file please post a link in the comments section of this article.

Download the above file to your desktop. Now comes the tricky part, we're going to have to get this file onto the iPhone for use with DockSwap. Actually, I take that back. This isn't really all that tricky. First you'll need to install a couple more applications from the program. The ones you will need are BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH. The steps are pretty well outlined over at Gizmodo, except we will not be uploading Nintendo ROM files.

In summary, grab a copy of CyberDuck. Get the IP address of your iPhone (you'll need to be connected via WiFi to do this by the way). You can get this information by clicking on Settings > Wi-Fi. Then click the blue arrow to the right of your network. Write down the IP address and populate that for the Server field in CyberDuck. As for a username and password use 'root' and 'dottie'. Upload the touch.png file to the Library/DockSwap folder on your iPhone. Last step is to just fire up your iPhone, launch DockSwap, choose the new touch image and your good to go.

When all is said and done you will have successfully given your iPhone a little bit of the iPod Touch.

Update: There is a new update in for DockSwap images. There are now multiple options for emulating the iPod Touch dock as well as some brand new options. Pretty much makes the whole process above ten times easier. Happy skinning.

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Tuesday: July 3, 2007

Speed Dialer

Comic derived mostly from my experiences in showing off my iPhone to other friends when it first came out.

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