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Sunday: June 21, 2009

PETA asks Phish to change their name to 'Sea Kitten'.PETA asks Phish to change their name to 'Sea Kitten'.

This can't possibly be for real, but then again it is PETA after all so who knows.

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Tuesday: June 16, 2009

Universal Music and Virgin Media team up for download deal.Universal Music and Virgin Media team up for download deal.

Another monthly subscription type of partnership for downloading music. One big difference though: the actual music files will be free of copyright protection.

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Thursday: July 12, 2007

God Street Wine and the Post of Terminal Fandom.

While aimlessly surfing the web this evening I came across this fantastic writeup about my favorite band, God Street Wine. Anyone who knows me outside of a nutshell knows that this is my favorite band. The irony, at least from what I can tell, is that its nobody else's favorite band outside of maybe one or two people (and the rest of the Winos). I was shocked tat one day I actually had to convince a fellow co-worker (and fellow jamband fan) that God Street Wine was not in fact, a Christian rock band (read that again, Inverso). That aside, I probably saw this band over fifty times throughout their career and loved each and every show. The music of the band struck a big chord with me and it still does years after the band stopped playing. So basically I'd like to share this article with all of you along with some YouTube vids that are making me even more nostalgic. Enjoy and happy GSWing.

God Street Wine on Conan O'Brien - tight performance of 'RU4 Real'

Live at The Wetlands - look closely I'm somewhere in that sea of people.

Borderline from 3/1/1998 - no idea where

Live at the Wetlands - The Ballroom

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