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Monday: August 1, 2011

New report reveals that Google uses roughly 900,000 servers.New report reveals that Google uses roughly 900,000 servers.

The good news is that at least those 900,000 servers are the low-power high-efficiency breed of servers that one would expect a company as big as Google to be using. The source article has some other interesting tidbits regarding software that will automate data across multiple data center as well as Google's server expansion plans. Long story short, the number will probably go over a million in the near future.

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Monday: July 25, 2011

A good primer on web operations for my fellow web developers out there.A good primer on web operations for my fellow web developers out there.

Every little piece of it can break at any time, can stall at any time. The more pieces you have in your application puzzle, the more breaking points you have. And everything that can break, will break. Usually not all at once, but most certainly when it's the least expected, or just when you really need your application to be available.

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Friday: November 20, 2009

Daily Grind: Cloudy

Name: Vin (aka dayquil daytripper)
How Vin feels today: Cloudy @ 2:39:23 PM
What Vin really wants today: To shake off yet another strain of this cold/flu business prior to my upcoming (and much-needed) vacation.

Music Stuck in Head: Only a Dream / Phish
I'm very curious as to why they decided to leave this off the new album and stick it on the bonus disc (which most people still haven't received). This tune is better than most of the songs on 'Joy'.

Stuff to do today:

  • Clean up GeekLikeMe footer and paging (scroll to the bottom of the site)
  • Test new code additions in multiple browsers, particularly Internet Explorer
  • ...of which I highly reccomend this tool to all of my fellow web nerds: IETester
  • Cross that item off the list
  • Fix rupture in space time continuum for crossing off crossed off item on daily grind to do list
  • Wish a certain member of the Michnay family a happy birthday
  • Apologize for lack of a daily grind post in what... two weeks?
  • Get back on track next week now that server mess is all cleaned up

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Friday: October 16, 2009

The top twenty ways that web developers can reduce their carbon footprint.The top twenty ways that web developers can reduce their carbon footprint.

Based on the theory that a black Google could save 750 Megawatt-hours a year, Blackle is just that. It's identical to the real Google with an energy-saving black color scheme.

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