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Tuesday: May 5, 2009

A handy tutorial regarding how to make an airplane from a postcard.A handy tutorial regarding how to make an airplane from a postcard.

Step 2: fold the pieces as shown.

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Thursday: August 9, 2007

2 minute Photoshop tip, blurring with blending effects.

Want to take an uninteresting photo and spruce it up a bit? Here's a quick tutorial that can provide some interesting results for your images using Photoshop. The best part of this method is that it's really easy and doesn't require a whole lot of Photoshop experience. Those who already have Photoshop experience will know that this technique is old hat.

First let's grab a photo. I chose the one below taken with my FujiFilm FinePix F40fd. I like the colors and abstract patterns but I'd like to do something more with it.

Open up your copy of Photoshop and duplicate the 'Background' layer. You can do this easily by dragging the background layer onto the new layer icon (it looks like a page - see diagram). After that you should have two identical layers.

Next we are going to choose Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur from the top menu. Set the radius to be about 5.0 pixels for now (you can play around with different radius amounts, they will yield different results). Hit OK to apply the blur to your image.

Now you should have a blurry image layer on top of your normal unblurred layer still beneath it. This is where the fun begins. Select the drop down menu located directly above your layers (circled in the diagram to the left). This is the Layer Blend Mode menu, by default the setting is Normal. Choose another setting other than Normal from this menu, like Multiply, Screen, or a Linear Burn. You should start to see subtle variations that will give your photo or image a different look. Some of these effects may brighten up the overall colors or bring out parts of the image for a fresher look. For even more refinement and fine tuning adjust the opacity of your blurred layer by moving the slider to a different percentage.

This effect can be repeated to provide even more interesting results. Hit CTRL+E to merge the two layers you just created and start the whole process over. Get creative, try adding in a different kind of blur such as motion or radial from Filters menu. Happy photoshopping.

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