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Thursday: November 19, 2009

GLM gets some hardware upgrades, and there was much rejoicing.

It's certainly been a fun couple of days around here what with all of these recent server issues and 'SERVICE UNAVAILABLE' alerts. But my dear readers, I have some wonderful news. I am pleased to announce (to those of you who can actually who can see this post - DNS has not fully propagated, if you're reading this - congratulations!) that GLM has undergone some significant hardware boosts.

So, what are you looking at exactly? NOTHING. Nothing at all. Well, nothing that you can actually see on the surface that is. The backend code, structure, database and all of the fun magic (aka magical tiny lemmings) that go into making GLM work have been ported over to modern hardware and completely streamlined to make use of said modern hardware. The end result is a much faster and more responsive GeekLikeMe for you all to enjoy. Now if you'll excuse me - it's back to work on some new features and weekdaily link posting. Stay tuned!

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Monday: September 21, 2009

Service Pack X

Just inserting my own observations via comic format after recently upgrading to Snow Leopard.

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Thursday: June 25, 2009

Microsoft lets loose details about Windows 7 pricing.Microsoft lets loose details about Windows 7 pricing.

Hey, free upgrades in some cases too!

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